Students from Healthy Futures schools throughout the Philadelphia region celebrate health and fitness at April 8 game

Philadelphia, PA – April 8, 2015 What: The Independence Blue Cross Foundation (Foundation) and the Philadelphia 76ers hosted fourth through sixth graders in the Philadelphia region at a Sixers game versus the Washington Wizards on April 8….
Philadelphia, PA – April 1, 2015 When: Wednesday April 1, 2015 10:00-11:16 A.M. (76 minutes) Who: Sixers Ambassador of Basketball World B. Free Sixers mascot Franklin Members of the Sixers Phlight Squad 25 fifth grade students participating in the Independence Blue Cross Healthy Futures Initiative Where: Drexel Neumann Academy 1901 Potter Street Chester, PA 19013 Details: The Philadelphia 76ers and Independence Blue Cross Foundation (Foundation) will bring Sixers Ambassador of Basketball,…