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Meet the Final Cohort of Future of Nursing Scholars

By January 23, 2019June 24th, 2022Nursing Education
Photos of Jacqueline Bannon and Susan Moyer

Future of Nursing Scholars Jacqueline Bannon (Left) and Susan Moyer (right)

As the inaugural funder of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Future of Nursing Scholars Program, the Independence Blue Cross Foundation (Foundation) awarded $600,000 to support the education of eight scholars pursuing a Ph.D. in Nursing. Ph.D.-prepared nurses play an important role in transforming the delivery of health care through their research, and they prepare the next generation of nurses to provide care.

With the Foundation’s final two Future of Nursing Scholars set to graduate this year, we take a look at their research interests and reasons for pursuing a Ph.D.

Jacqueline Bannon, MS, BSN, RN: Neighborhood factors that influence cardiovascular disease risk among women with HIV

Jacqueline Bannon decided to pursue a Ph.D. because of her passion for improving the health and wellness of people in their communities. “As women with HIV have aged, more have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease than in previous points in the epidemic,” she says. Her research will help inform interventions to promote healthy cardiovascular aging among women with HIV.

Once she receives her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, Jacqueline plans to expand her research and develop community-based interventions for women aging with HIV. She also would like to serve as an advocate and use her research to inform health policies that will allow women with HIV to live to their fullest potential.

Susan Moyer, MSN, RN, CNE: Health promotion in the young adult millennial population

Susan Moyer, who is pursuing her Ph.D. at Villanova University, is researching the factors that influence health behaviors among the millennial generation. “Health care is transforming, and health priorities are changing to include an increased focus on disease prevention and health promotion. This renewed focus helps to advance population health … so that more Americans can live long and healthy lives,” she says. Her research will help support positive health behaviors and improve health outcomes related to chronic disease and obesity prevention.

As a nurse educator of nine years, Susan’s goal is to continue teaching undergraduate nursing students and preparing the next generation of nurses. She also hopes to establish a research trajectory that focuses on health promotion and improving population health outcomes.

Future of Nursing Scholars Lead the Way

Jacqueline and Susan will join the Foundation’s six additional Future of Nursing Scholars as the next generation of Ph.D.-prepared nurses. We are proud of all they have accomplished, and look forward to seeing them lead the future of nursing education and research and the delivery of health care.


Zaynah Henry

Zaynah joined the Independence Blue Cross Foundation in 2016 as a program specialist supporting the Foundation’s grant administration and communications. In her current role as a senior program specialist, she leads the Foundation’s nursing and health center programs which focus on increasing access to care. Prior to joining the Foundation, Zaynah worked for the National Cancer Institute, supporting the development and promotion of the President’s Cancer Panel’s reports to Congress on high-priority issues related to cancer prevention, treatment, and research. Zaynah received her BS in Health Behavior Science and MS in Health Promotion from the University of Delaware.

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